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Dear Parent or Guardian,

As a student at Newtown Middle School (NMS), your child can take advantage of medical and mental health services offered during school hours, through the School Based Health Center (SBHC).  The SBHC is different from the school nurse office or school Guidance/social work office.  The SBHC staff, including a licensed Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Medical/Office Assistant, provide care much like a private doctor or mental health provider’s office would. We do not replace your primary doctor but strive to keep students healthy and help reduce a student’s number of days absent from school by diagnosing and treating illnesses early. Services are offered with no out of pocket costs to families. Insurance may be billed; however, parents are not responsible for co-pays or deductibles. Uninsured students are seen for free.    Parents/guardians don’t have to miss time from work to take their child to an outside provider for most services, since they are provided at the SBHC.
Some of the medical and mental health services offered at the SBHC include:

Some of the medical and mentalhealth services offered at the SBHC include:
Medical Services Mental HealthServices
* School Vaccines * Mental Health assessment / Individual, Group & Family Therapy
* Complete physical exams * History of or current bullying
* In-office testing for strep, flu, urine, glucose, hemoglobin etc. * Anxiety/Depression
* Prescriptions sent to your pharmacy * Poor academic performance / learning challenges
* Asthma education, inhaler refills, school medication form * Recent move to Newtown from another town
* Health education for nutrition, exercise, weight management, allergy triggers * Peer relationships / Family relationships
*  Dianose and treat common illnesses such as ear infections, pneumonia,
rashes, strep throat, allergies, etc.
* Exposure to trama / loss
* History of or current self-harm and suicide ideation

To take advantage of the SBHC services,
please complete, sign and return the attached 2-sided
Permission/Medical History Form to the NMS SBHC. You may email it to

If you have any questions about the SBHC, please call us at (203) 270-6114 or fax us at (203) 270-4644.

Thank you – The SBHC Team – * Nancy Kettner-MA,  *Ariel Belek-APRN,   *Sam Taurozzi-LCSW

Newtown Middle School SBHC, 11 Queen Street, Newtown, CT 06470 (203) 270-6114
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