DC Trip for 2021  - TBD

Health Office
From the Nurse's office:

Medication Policy for Washington DC Trip

Frequently Asked Questions
Edit Question 1: What is the suggested amount of spending money for students?
Edit Question 2: Should students bring their cell phones?
Edit Question 3: What is the procedure for room assignments?
Question 4: Do the students have the opportunity to pack or buy water and/or snacks?
Edit Question 5: What luggage should students bring?
Question 6: Do students have to room with other students in their cluster?
Question 7: What issues have you encountered on previous trips?
Question 8: How many students attend the trip each year?
Question 9: Why does the eighth grade travel to Washington and Gettysburg?
Question 10: What fundraisers are presented to offset the cost of this trip?
Question 11: Can you explain the security on duty in the hotels?
Question 12: What happens if a student is separated from the group?
Question 13: What are the behavior expectations on the trip? What is the dress code?
Question 14: What is the procedure if a child becomes sick or is injured?
Question 15: What occurs if students are disruptive or cause damage to hotel rooms?
Question 16: Is trip insurance offered?
Edit Question 17: What happens if a tour site is evacuated?
Edit Question 18: Why is it necessary for each bus to have a tour guide?
Edit Question 19: If my child has food allergies, how can I ensure that he or she will have dietary needs met?
Nondiscrimination Policy
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