Newtown Middle Youth Resource Officer

NPD Direct: 203-426-5841

NMS Direct:  203-270-6103

The Newtown Police Department as a whole provides the town with any and all police services and responses.  The School Resource Officer (SRO) is assigned to the Youth Bureau and acts as a Liaison between the schools and the police department.  This is accomplished by assigning an Officer to the Middle School, High School, and the Reed Intermediate School.  

The primary role of the SRO is as a Law Enforcement Officer.  The SRO proactively addresses safety and security issues to maintain a safe learning environment for the students as well as for the teachers. 

Secondly, the SRO is a Law-Related Counselor who provides guidance on law-related issues to students and acts as a link to support services inside and outside the school environment. 

Thirdly, the SRO is a Law-Related Education Teacher, who can provide the school with an additional educational resource by sharing their knowledge and experience in the classroom related to law enforcement topics. 

Officer Chapman has been a member of the Newtown Police Department since 2008.  He has been an SRO since 2015.  He also works on the Danbury Regional Emergency Services Unit and Newtown Police Honor Guard, and is the Law Enforcment Liason to Newtown Youth and Family Services.  Do not hesitate to contact him with questions or concerns.

     School Resource Officer Richard Monckton (Newtown High School)

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