Welcome to the Newtown Middle School Art Department!

A little bit about us......

Our Art department has 2 teachers.  Each of us loves what we do!

  Leigh Anne Coles and Kristen Ladue , and  are a fully collaborative duo.  All regular art students receive the same learning and projects in 7th and 8th grade.  The same is true for Art Enrichment students.

Our prime concern is to help your student find his or her voice in art and be successful in this beautiful and important subject.

The issue of time management is an important one for us and for your student.

Your child has 30 other classes between visits to our weekly class.  We realize the implication of this and how difficult it is for some of them to keep track of progress on projects due – especially as the marking period comes to an end.  Please check Power School on a regular basis.  This is where we will post our comments regarding projects that are late, etc.

Our population is large and Art class meets but once a week.  This means that counting snow days, your student will have approximately 35 art classes this year. Art is given the same weight on report cards as any other subject meeting multiple times a week or every day.  Although we do have quarterly report cards, your student will receive a grade in Art only on the January and June report cards.  This gives students a better chance to succeed in this class.

Communication is the key.  We will be available to students for catch up.  Eighth graders will have a lunch/learning lab on one day during the week and  before school at 7:00 A.M.  There are passes available at all times.  It is students’ responsibility to make use of these times.  If this becomes impossible for them, they need to speak to us so we can arrange another way.  We realize they have lots of commitments!  They must realize we have approximately 400 different students each week and although we try hard to remember all concerns, sometimes we miss.

  Please realize that our projects are designed to take 4 to 5 classes to complete, so grades will only appear as the projects are finished.
To view student's work and stay up to date on the happenings at the art department please visit:

We look forward to a wonderful year with your young artist!

We can always be reached best and respond very quickly by e-mail.

Voice mail is difficult.
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